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From 1979

FIBOSA was founded in 1979 to manufacture and sales specialized equipment and engineering consultancy services for different agrifood sectors, mainly for dairy sector.

About us

FIBOSA was founded in 1979 to manufacture and sales specialized equipment and engineering consultancy services for different agrifood sectors, mainly for dairy sector.

FIBOSA offers complete solutions for agrifood industry needs. Solutions can cover all phases of the project, starting from equipment manufacturing process to production start up, Know-How transfer, technological consulting service and obtaining the desirable final product. In addition FIBOSA offers wide range of special equipment, which produce in accordance to the highest demands for quality, safety and technical efficiency.

The company is a leader in the integration solution developing lines and equipment for dairy sector: from the milk reception and processing to the complete production process, cheese ripening and packaging, dairy products and their derivatives.

In this way FIBOSA become a true partner in agrifood sector, as in developing new projects and in production of individual machinery.

Our history

Fibosa starts its activity

Manufacture of small machines for dairy and meat industry


Reorganization of the industrial group

Specializing in the manufacture of automated plants and machinery for cheese. 2001

Expansion of facilities

In more than 1200 square meters with the aim of giving more and better service to our clients. 2021

Quality Policy

Since it was founded FIBOSA provides services for designing, engineering, production and commercial distribution of equipment and accessories for agrifood, emphases and priority of which is reliability and quality.

Quality product producing is the main goal to all employers and management are committed.

Choosing FIBOSA as a partner, clients and customers are assured of reliability starting from the initial stage to equipment delivery stage. They can be sure that they receive products of the quality that fully matches their needs and expectation in terms of price and quality, as well as manufactured in optimal terms.

The main aim of quality policy in the Company is a constant self-improvement way in work and attention to our customers’ requirements and needs. To improve the quality of the work we have implemented a quality management system based on the standard UNE-EN ISO 9001:2015.

With all the above reasons in mind FIBOSA is committed to make every possible effort to:

Guarantee high quality of all provided services, constantly improving and implementing new technologies.
Respond and fulfill the needs of all our customers.
Ensure all responsibility and professionalism of all staff, headed by the management through continuous trainings.
Follow scrupulously the legal requirements. All detailed information about policies, procedures are described in the Quality System documents in accessible form a copy of which is mandatory to familiarized all employees of the company.

Management monitors and confirms all documentation and notifies all staff about responsibilities that must be followed, to achieve the highest quality which Company provides.

However the quality manager is responsible for coordination and execution, necessary for quality assurance, the ultimate responsibility is always carries with Management which provides staff with all the technical and economy goods to achieve the desired result.

To ensure compliance with this Quality Policy, Management is committed to set annual quality objectives and review them periodically to ensure its effectiveness.”


FIBOSA specializes in customised solutions for dairy solution. To realize this Company employs specialists from different departments: sales department, engineering and technical office, production department, assembly department and technical service.

All departments are in constant communication to guarantee and ensure the highest quality of products and services to their clients.

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